Zen Media Financing Plan

Why do we offer financing, and why at no interest?

The underfunding of marketing budgets is a leading reason why many businesses fail.  We’re confident enough in our services to finance 60% of your project for 12 months – interest free!

Many businesses have either underfunded their marketing budget in past years or simply can’t fit a strategic re-branding (or initial branding) into their budgets.  But the reality is that a marketing budget should be set at 5% to 12% of revenue (on average, depending on your industry) if you want to make an impact.  We believe that when a good company has a good idea, service, or product, and builds a powerful brand using online media from Zen Media Studios, it will be extremely successful; in turn, it’s easy for us to get paid when our strategies increase our clients’ revenues.

Why no interest?  We’re not a bank and we don’t want to be — we want to help businesses grow, and increasing their profit level helps us.  Charging interest just seems like overkill to us… so we simply don’t do it.

Another important benefit our program offers you is the ability to get all the media and strategies in place to maximize your chance for substantial revenue growth.  Building just part of a brand is like having a football team with only a quarterback and a kicker…  it just doesn’t work.  By giving clients an affordable monthly payment, we enable them to take full advantage of all of our design services, including new identity, web sites, client log-in sites, search engine optimization, Flash, pay-per-click campaigns, blog design, and much more.

How it works

  • We listen to/review your business summary and desired goals.  If we like what we hear, and the business seems viable, we will be more than happy to enroll you in this program.
  • We prepare an itemized quote for all recommended branding services to position and propel your brand.
  • You choose which items to engage.
  • The contract is signed and a 40% deposit is collected.
  • We finance the balance for up to 12 months, beginning 60 days after we start your project.  This gives you two months of no payments while we work on your brand.

Our goal

We want your business — this year… and the next… and so on.  Once we have proven ourselves and our strategies, and our designs have increased your sales, we know you’ll come back to do more projects with us.  Even though brands, markets, and customers constantly change, we want to be a long-term partner you can trust to grow your business and keep you well ahead of the competition.