The Data Center

“Relax. Your web site is up and running.”

Here’s why:

Our servers are hosted in multiple data centers in the Northern Virginia region and feature state-of-the-art multi-phase power redundancy, industrial-quality cooling, and modern security, fire suppression and power generation systems.

Each data center rack is supported by:

Continuous battery backup
Powerful industrial-class generators
More than one full ton of cooling capacity


Data Center Infrastructure

• Closed, private data center facilities
• Extensive data center security features
• Fault-tolerant power redundancy
• Multiple industrial-grade generators
• APC-powered battery infrastructure
• Liebert temperature-controlled server environment
• N+1 redundancy
• Multiple levels of technical staff on premises

Network Infrastructure

• Cisco-based network core
• Bandwidth from multiple Tier 1 providers including:

• Savvis
• Deutsche Telekom
• XO Communications

• Redundant fiber connections
• Multiple fiber carriers
• Ample spare network capacity
• Physical & geographic provider redundancy


The network core is powered by multiple Cisco Catalyst 6500 multilayer switches with top-of-the-line Supervisor 720-3BXL cards, capable of traffic rates as high as 720 Gigabits per second.

Each switch has the capacity to support the entire traffic load individually, and multiple upstream providers per switch provide redundant connectivity. Every switch also has multiple connections at a minimum of Gigabit Ethernet speeds, which means a cable break will never cause an outage.

Reliable. Redundant. Impressive.

The network we utilize delivers world-class speed, redundancy and intrusion detection utilizing:

• Rapid Spanning-Tree Protocol (RSTP)
• Hot Standby Routing Protocol (HSRP)
• Cisco Netflow

With advanced features such as QoS, you’re guaranteed to have the available capacity for critical applications regardless of your network utilization. And with QoS, content-switching and load-balancing features enable you to guarantee uptime by allowing multiple servers to function as one server.

Great uptime and great performance. That’s our promise.