Going Green

It’s not easy being “green,” but we’re working on it

There’s a social impact to what we do…and how we do it.
That’s why Zen Media Studios is committed to “going green.”

While no one’s certain of the actual causes of global warming, we believe it’s crucial to help reverse a trend that could devastate our planet.

Our Green Initiative was launched in early 2009 to make sure we’re doing all we can to reduce CO2 emissions and minimize our carbon footprint.

  • Virtualization, the basis of our VPS hosting environment, uses far fewer energy resources by consolidating sites onto more efficient servers.
  • Our hosting solutions utilize only high-performance, low-voltage servers, reducing energy requirements and carbon emissions.
  • We provide online billing and account maintenance, and ensure the use of “virtual” paperless invoices for other non-hosting related services.

Our “Green Initiative” project is ongoing, as we continually seek to find new ways to reduce our carbon footprint and to maximize whatever positive impact we can have on the earth.

As a Zen Media Studios client you can proudly announce that the infrastructure you rely upon is provided by a group that cares and tries to make a difference.