Technology Consulting


We are looking to partner with your business to grow together.

To some, “consultant” is a dirty word.  They think of an outsider brought in by management who doesn’t understand their business and tries to apply untested academic theories that simply don’t work.  That’s not us.  We look to provide services that fill needed gaps and fit seamlessly into your business model.  We work with you to help round out your services as well as provide input on how to improve and grow your business using technology.

Our understanding of how things work gives us the ability to help our clients utilize technology to its fullest extent.  We look carefully at return on investment (ROI) when working on a project, and make sure that our clients can leverage their technology to grow their business.

What We Do

The “Zen” of IT is simplification.  With our full line of services we deliver easy to use technology which allows you to focus on running your business.

Our services include:

• Hardware Selection – Desktops, Laptops, Cellular Devices
• Networking Setup – Wired, Wireless (WLAN), Cellular (WWAN)
• Infrastructure Design – Network Cabling, Servers & Backup Devices, Remote Access
• Website Design – Custom Design, Content Management, Search Engine Optimization
• Website Hosting – Domain Names, DNS, Email

What Zen Media Studios offers is a complete integration of all your technology.   We can integrate your world and give you the access that you never dreamed possible, allowing you to do business anywhere, anytime, without missing a beat.


We will service any existing installation and make any necessary improvements.

In a perfect world we would be able to design and integrate the perfect solution for all of our clients, but this world isn’t perfect.  Businesses have to do what makes sense and sometimes we’re called in to pick up the pieces.   Not only will we service your existing technology, but we’ll make recommendations for improvement and work with your business on a short or long term implimentation plan.