Web Hosting 101

Web Hosting Basics

“Web Hosting” refers to the process of delivering web sites across the Internet from a computer server, usually called a webserver. Building a web site is just the first part of establishing an Internet presence; installing that website on a server connected to the ‘Net is how users will see the site you’ve created.

A “Web Hosting Provider,” like Zen Media Studios, is a company that owns, operates, or rents (or sells) the hardware and software necessary to install and deliver web sites to Internet users, and offers the high-speed connections necessary to efficiently deliver web site files to end users.

The equipment is housed in a Network Operations Center (NOC), also called a Data Center, which includes sophisticated environmental control and monitoring systems, fire-suppression capability, and security systems to prevent unauthorized physical and electronic intrusion.

Hosting Providers also maintain the webservers, adding new hardware and software as needed, monitoring the systems to ensure maximum uptime, installing security patches, and providing customers with the help and support they need.

Hosting Options

Currently, there are four primary types of web hosting available:

  1. Shared Hosting
  2. VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting
  3. Dedicated Server Hosting
  4. Enterprise Server Hosting

Note: We consult with EVERY customer to ensure the best environment is chosen for their budget and hosting requirements!

Shared Hosting

In a shared hosting environment, multiple web sites on the same server share the same hardware, certain software and connectivity resources. For small or very simple web sites, this can be an acceptable hosting solution, but performance and security are often major issues.

For these reasons, Zen Media Studios offers this type of hosting environment to a very limited set of customers, and the environment is constantly monitored for performance.

VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) afford site operators more control over hardware resources, software and access than with a shared server.

With a VPS solution, multiple customers are housed on the same server, but each client has a “private” area on the server to which specific resources are assigned. The performance of one customer’s site(s) does not impact the performance of other sites in a different partition. Also, the number of private areas on each server is limited, ensuring that resources are not over-extended.

Zen Media Studios VPS Hosting Solutions are “managed services,” an important point to remember when selecting a VPS provider.

Managed services means we are responsible for everything installed and delivered with a new account, and we’ll repair any problems at no charge, regardless of when they occur. We will also restore any data associated with these issues, even if a full data loss is experienced.  We also handle a number of other technical issues, such as installing patches for the operating system.  We can even handle the installation of certain third-party software, too.

Zen Media Studios offers several VPS Hosting Solutions in order to meet the technical and budgetary requirements of your web site.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Traditional “dedicated server” hosting is where only a single customer is housed on a webserver, i.e., that server is “dedicated” solely to that client. It’s possible to have multiple web sites on a dedicated server, but they are all assigned to and/or under the control of that individual customer.

Too often, dedicated servers are low-end computers not fit for high-end hosting. ServInt’s VPS line was created to offer customers a Dedicated Server Replacement™, and its Enterprise Server line is designed to meet the needs of clients ready to invest in a solution that provides them with the redundancy and power that businesses require. ServInt’s product line seeks to provide what traditional “dedicated server” hosting cannot.

Zen Media Studios does not sell any traditional “dedicated” hosting products, because most traditional dedicated server options lack the power, flexibility or redundancy required for today’s business needs.

Enterprise Server Hosting

Enterprise Server Hosting is generally the highest level of web hosting service. It is similar to traditional “dedicated server” hosting in scope, but is distinguished by top quality hosting hardware designed to provide high levels of redundancy. Enterprise servers are available in a variety of specific system resource levels with configuration options that increase server performance, speed and reliability.

We offer enterprise hosting options that include a virtualization layer, because that layer provides many beneficial features including the ability to back up and quickly restore a disk image. Nonetheless, you are never affected by what any other customer is doing to their site because the server is yours.

Zen Media Studios offers a number of Managed Enterprise Hosting plans, and can also create custom Enterprise Server configurations.