Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about optimizing your website’s position in search results.  Many books have been written about SEO and websites are dedicated to it.  It’s big business—and it should be.

Showing up higher in search results (like when you go to Google and type in a phrase or keyword) usually means more traffic and more business.  Which is another reason why using our content management system is a good idea.  Our system is especially well suited for boosting your site’s rank in search engines.

How SEO Works

SEO is part science and part art. The SEO experts figure out what search engines look at when they rank websites.  Then they figure out what can be tweaked to improve a site’s rank in the results.  Some SEO tactics are of questionable value and others are borderline unethical, but the mainstream of SEO thought is simple, basic improvements that will boost your rank in search engine results.

It’s usually simple things like figuring out keywords for your site and then putting those keywords in the right places.  Those right places include the title bar (the text that shows up at the top of your browser), any headers, headlines or bold text on a page, and the meta data (helpful information in a page’s code that is not visible in a browser).

It’s really not rocket science.  What search engines do is look at a page and try to figure out what’s the most important thing on that page.  For a page to be the number one search result for something like rocket science it better have the words “rocket science” and other important keywords in key locations on the page.  Otherwise it’s probably not really about rocket science.

Good SEO is about recognizing the same thing for your site.  So if you’re in the rocket science business, you’d probably have keywords like rocket science, rockets, propulsion, physics, NASA, booster, missile, etc. And you’d want to use those words in your headlines and other important places on your site.

How our Content Management System Works for SEO

Out of the box, our CMS is SEO-friendly.  It puts all that important information in all the right places by default, and, as an added bonus, we include some additional features that further assist the search engines in indexing your site.

Some SEO basics that you should be aware of are listed below:

  • Permalinks - Permalinks are the direct URLs to your content and optimizing how those links appear is good SEO.
    • Our CMS automatically creates these Permalinks for you as you add content to your site
  • Sitemaps – Sitemaps are a widely adopted standard among search engines.  These allow a search engine to quickly index your entire site without having to “crawl” through every page and follow every link.
    • Sitemaps are automatically generated by our CMS and are available to search engines from the site.  These are also automatically updated as you add or remove content.
  • Meta Tags – Meta Tags are descriptive words, placed on every page, that tell search engines what type of content you have.  These words are embedded into your site’s code and not directly accessible from within your web browser.
    • Our CMS will automatically create Meta Tags based upon your content.

Using our Content Management platform and a custom site design that builds on our SEO friendly features will move your site to the top of the search results for many of the popular search engines.  Now THAT is good business… and good SEO.